Wraparound Program

In coordination and collaboration with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Department of Mental Health (DMH) and Department of Probation (Probation), Masada’s Wraparound Program is a child–focused, family-centered, strengths-based, needs-driven planning process. The Wraparound Program also provides access to an array of comprehensive mental health services. Service delivery objectives are 1) Safety, youth receiving Wraparound shall remain in a safe environment, free from abuse and neglect; 2) Permanency, youth shall remain in or transition to a safe, nurturing permanent family environment, ideally in their own home; 3) Well-Being/Self-Sufficiency, youth receive services and supports that are individualized and tailored to their needs. All interactions with youth, and families are responsive to the trauma and loss they may have experienced.

Wraparound serves youth who are under the jurisdiction of the Departments Children and Family Services, Probation, or Mental Health. It is a community-based process, with a Wraparound team consisting of a Facilitator, Child and Family Specialist (CFS), Parent Partner and Therapist working with each youth and family to achieve a positive set of outcomes.

Wraparound supports family voice, choices and ownership of strategies to return or maintain youth in their community and in the most homelike setting. Wraparound includes a commitment to create and provide a highly individualized planning process and to persevere until the desirable outcomes for the children and families are achieved. Each child, adolescent, and family enrolled in Wraparound will participate as a driving force in the development of their treatment plan, and as an ongoing partner in the implementation and review of their plan.