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Webinar: Hope for the Holidays

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The upcoming holiday season may find you in the midst of grief and challenges that have been carried through the year. In anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are traditional family gatherings and faith practices that will be altered or postponed. The process of recognizing and working through grief can help you manage change, find freedom, and experience hope.

You are invited to attend an interactive virtual event to help ease the sorrow of losses throughout this year and embrace joy. In this one-hour session we will discuss how to:

  • Connect with others in a time of social isolation and physical distancing
  • Boost resiliency
  • Practice self-care to enhance mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health
  • Access resources to help you process grief and find hope for the holidays

About the Speaker

Paula Staab Polk

Paula Staab Polk

Paula Staab Polk, RN, is a Life Transitions Specialist with over 40 years of experience in nursing, funeral service, event planning, and education. She is passionate about helping and serving others during the difficult transitions in life by offering resources and support to the individual, family and community. As a Faith Community Nurse, Paula merges healthcare, spiritual care and education in training modules for the general public and interprofessional groups such as nurses, physicians, clergy, funeral directors, teachers and hospice staff. Ms. Staab Polk is the Health Ministry Leader for St. Finbar Parish in Burbank, CA.

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