Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

TBS is a unique one-to-one behavioral coaching service offered to youth up to age 21 years old who meet certain criteria. TBS Specialists (behavior coaches) provide behavioral interventions in various environments to decrease the youth’s behaviors that threaten their ability to maintain their current residential placement or threaten their transition to a lower level of residential care. TBS Specialists identify triggers for such behaviors and work to develop interventions and coping skills that will decrease these behaviors. TBS Specialists rehearse new behavioral skills with their clients and also work with their caregivers. The purpose is so that the caregiver will understand and continue to encourage these interventions when TBS ends services. Masada TBS also have bilingual and bicultural TBS specialists who are able to work with our Spanish language families. It is the goal of TBS services to teach new behaviors to our clients to enable them to stabilize their residential circumstances and to improve their relationships with the significant people in their lives.

TBS is intensive and short-term and provided as an adjunct to the youth’s primary mental health service. Clients must have full scope Medi-Cal and:
• Be considered for a group home placement of RCL 12 or above;
• Currently be placed in a residential treatment facility RCL 12 or above;
• Have had one or more psychiatric hospitalizations within the past 24 months and/or
• Have previously qualified for TBS services.