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Thank You Hazel!

photo of ms hazel

We are happy and sad to announce the retirement of our Wraparound Parent Partner, Hazel Hill. She has been an outstanding member of our Masada family for more than 13 years and she has been a true inspiration to all of us. 

Her contributions were integral to our successful launch of the Wraparound Program.  As one of the original Masada Wraparound Parent Partners, Hazel’s contributions were integral to our successful launch of the Wraparound Program at the 130 West Victoria Street Gardena office site.  She worked in both the Wraparound and Child FSP programs and role modeled energy, perseverance, authenticity, and resourcefulness to other Parent Partners, team members, administration, and our community partners in DMH and DCFS. 

She has been an amazing advocate and a consistent and solid shoulder to lean on for all of the parents and caregivers she has worked with over these 13 years at Masada. 

We are really going to miss her!

Please join us in thanking Hazel for all of her hard work, commitment to the children and families of Los Angeles County, and extending her our sincere best wishes for a healthy, prosperous, and rewarding retirement.

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