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Success Stories

Inspiring Journeys

At Masada, individuals and families embark on a path toward emotional well-being. Through compassionate and skilled support, our clients cultivate resilience and acquire the necessary tools to flourish personally and within their communities.

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A Light at the End of the Tunnel

For 17-year-old G., teenage life was anything but bright. She struggled with low self-esteem, negative self-talk, poor school performance, and a lack of relationship support. Her sleep was often interrupted by nightmares related to her past trauma. To make her situation even more challenging, she was dealing with medical issues that caused her to lose hope that she would ever live a normal life. 

Sixteen months later, G. was in a completely different place.

“Masada linked me with a kind, compassionate therapist who helped me work through complex and severe physical and emotional trauma. Masada’s mental health team taught me healthy coping mechanisms to deal with emotional and physical pain.” In addition, G. received medication support from a Masada psychiatrist, which G. reported, “changed my life.” 

“When other medical professionals were at a loss, the assistance I received allowed me to live a normal life as someone with an autoimmune and mental disorder. Above all, Masada made me feel comfortable and provided me with support I could not get anywhere else. They gave me a light at the end of the tunnel when all of my hope was lost.”

From Sinking to Soaring

When Mario and his guardian, Rose, were introduced to Masada, he had been dealing with feelings of depression, hopelessness, and a persistent fear that he could not live up to others’ expectations. Mario had suffered trauma and loss, and he also worried about losing Rose. 

When Rose tried to reach out to Mario, he pushed her away. The situation suddenly changed when Rose received a text from Mario asking for help; he was in crisis.

Fortunately, they connected with Masada’s Wraparound Program, which is a strengths-based, family-centered program that does exactly what the name implies: provides case management, counseling, crisis intervention, and other vital services to improve functioning across all identified life areas. 

Rose immediately felt the care and support of her Masada Parent Partner. She described Mario and his therapist as having “a trusting relationship, someone Mario could look up to for encouragement.”  Mario made great progress in his recovery from depression and eventually graduated from the program. 

Rose proudly reported that Mario continues to be an excellent student who looks forward to going to college and is a member of the Boy Scouts of America, well on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

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