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Social Emotional Professional Development Day

picture of teacher and student

We are pleased to announce that members of our Rancho Cucamonga OP staff are going to participate in Social Emotional Professional Development Day on Nov 2nd at Pomona Unified School District and present the following topics to middle and high school teachers.      

Anthony Botrus and Betty Cervantes: Recognizing & Addressing Mental Health Challenges in the Classroom.

Stan Benoit: Using Self Awareness & Empathy in the Classroom.  

Vanessa Fornasier: The Pandemic’s Impact on the Social Emotional Development & Mental Health of Teens in the School Setting.

picture of Betty Cervantes
Betty Cervantes
Case Manager, LMFT
picture of Anthony Botrus
Anthony Botrus
Clinical Supervisor, LMFT
picture of Vanessa Fornasier
Vanessa Fornasier
Program Manager, LMFT
picture of Stan Benoit
Stan Benoit
Clinical Supervisor, LMFT

Presentation Materials

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