Occupational Therapy

The Department of Occupational Therapy (OT) has been an integral part of the holistic and client centered services offered to clients through Masada Homes since its inception. OT services exist to serve clients in the development and maintenance of their ability to participate in activities that have been disrupted by trauma, illness, and delays in development. Occupational Therapists provide interventions focused on assisting clients in developing or improving their ability to: engage in school performance, communicate with family members and peers, play at an age appropriate level, initiate and complete assigned tasks and regulate responses to sensory stressors and tolerate environmental distractions. OTs work with families and caregivers to assess the needs of each child and establish individualized treatment objectives.

OT services are offered at the home, client’s school, at Masada facilities and in designated community locations. OT is offered as an activities based intervention where clients are challenged to make decisions, follow directions, engage in creative problem-solving and complete assigned tasks. Successes in activities require skill set development that will serve the client in other contexts such as the home and school environments. Support of new skills serves to strengthen client confidence in meeting day-to-day challenges with renewed confidence and strategies aimed at successful participation.

OTs work in collaboration with other members of the treatment team and school personnel such as teachers and counselors. OT services are beneficial to any client currently receiving intervention services for behavioral health conditions as these conditions inherently disrupt functional ability to participate in necessary or personally meaningful activities supportive of the successful role performance of student, family member and friend.