Our Mission

Graduate StudentThe mission of Masada Homes is to provide quality mental health and social services to individuals and families so that they may achieve their goals and enhance the quality of their lives.

Our Values

Our mission is further defined by the following core values that guide the organization and make it unique:

Strength Based Approach:

We believe that every client and every staff member has strengths. In meeting our service and organizational goals, we will identify and build on the strengths of our clients and our staff to better reach their potential.


Identifying and building on the unique strengths of each individual requires an open system of communication in which input from clients and staff from all levels is welcomed and utilized in decision making. In return, clients and staff can expect timely and accurate information about changes and decisions affecting them.


We recognize that only through working together can we meet the goals established for ourselves as well as meet the needs of the population we serve. We will actively find ways to create teamwork and partnerships among our clients, other service providers, the community and ourselves.


Masada Homes will honor its commitment to providing quality services and to uphold the standards set by the professional community, its contractual agreements and internally established goals and policies.


Masada Homes’ policies and programs will be designed and conducted with respect for the intrinsic value of each person, their individual differences and culture. We recognize that, by acting respectfully toward our fellow staff and clients, it will engender respect in the other.


We acknowledge our responsibility in meeting the needs of our clients and maintaining standards of professionalism and quality. We will establish and strive to achieve measurable outcomes with which to hold ourselves accountable in meeting these goals.