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Masada Welcomes Tiffany Flood

picture of Tiffany Flood

Masada would like to welcome Tiffany Flood, LCSW as our new Director of FSP Services

Tiffany is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who comes to Masada with an array of clinical experience. Her niche is working as an advocate for unserved and underserved communities

She is a strong believer in social justice and upholds the values of fair and equitable outcomes. She has experience working with children, families, adults and older adults. Tiffany is most proud of her work in building and influencing the next generation of social service providers through her 10 years of clinical leadership by providing clinical supervision, building clinical mental health teams and teaching for several semesters as an Adjunct Professor at University of Southern California. 

Tiffany hopes to continue to serve the most vulnerable communities as a contributor and team member here at MASADA. Her hope is to continue to make a difference through education, compassion and encouraging self-determination.

Some fun facts about Tiffany are:

  • Tiffany values being present and staying in the “Here and Now”
  • It is not uncommon to hear Tiffany say, ” Hey Team,” or “Hey Guys”
  • Tiffany often quotes saying like, “Let’s not reinvent the wheel,” “Let’s think and work smarter not harder,” or “No Worries!”
  • She is a dog lover and considers herself a Pet Parent. She adopted her furry baby, Daphne, on 2/28/2015

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