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Announcing the Launch of our New Website!

picture of Masada Homes' employee Cheyla Bellamy

We are excited to announce the unveiling of Masada Homes’ new-and-improved website!  

After realizing that website design is not one of her talents, Trish Tindbaek asked for volunteers to participate in Masada’s Website Committee.  Thankfully, Terri Edwards, Cesar Gonzalez, and Cheyla Bellamy stepped up to the challenge and began providing much-needed guidance and inspiration.  

While each of the Website Committee members contributed valuable time and energy towards this project, Cheyla took the lead and devoted many hours above and beyond her normal duties to work with Brian at Congruent Digital to make our website shine!  

picture of masada homes website hero image
Masada Homes's new website!

Cheyla's dedication and attention to detail helped elevate the new design and layout. Her creative vision really brought the website to life!

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