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Our Story

Leading the Way in Community Mental Health Services

Masada’s mission is to provide comprehensive, solution-based mental health and social services that enhance the lives of children, youth, families, and adults while contributing to the overall well-being of communities.

Celebrating 35 Years of Community Impact

Our story began in 1989 when, under the name Masada Homes, we opened an innovative group home program for at-risk youth and began an enduring partnership with Los Angeles County.

More than three decades later, Masada has evolved into a comprehensive community mental health and social service agency whose mission is to enhance the lives of children, youth, families, and adults while contributing to the overall well-being of communities.

Masada has long been recognized as a leader in delivering culturally-affirming, evidence-based services in the county’s highest-need communities. With an annual budget of $25+ million, a diverse and highly respected leadership team, and a skilled workforce of 200+  dedicated individuals, we serve more than 1,600 children and families annually. Our seven offices serve as community hubs for delivering onsite, in-home, school-based, and telehealth services. 

We remain steadfastly focused on empowering individual and community well-being. In response to unprecedented demand, we are expanding our services and outreach to address critical needs throughout Southern California.

Our Core Values

Our decisions and actions are informed and guided by our core values.

Strength-Based Approach

We believe that every client and staff member has strengths, abilities, and positive qualities that can be identified and built upon to reach their potential.


We prioritize open communication whereby input from all clients and staff is welcomed and considered in decision making. Our clients and staff can expect timely and accurate information about changes and decisions affecting them.


We recognize the importance of working together to meet our goals and our clients’ needs. We actively seek ways to collaborate and facilitate teamwork and partnerships among our clients, other service providers, the community, and ourselves.


We are committed to delivering quality services, upholding professional standards and contractual agreements, and defining our goals and practices.


We cultivate an environment of mutual respect built upon a foundation that honors the intrinsic value of each person, celebrates their unique qualities, and embraces their culture.


We acknowledge our responsibility to meet the needs of our clients and maintain standards of professionalism and quality. We will establish measurable outcomes to which we hold ourselves accountable.

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