Foster Family Agency

Masada Homes Foster Family Agency began its operation on June 1, 1992 with a vision of providing loving, sage and nurturing homes to children in crisis resulting from abandonment, abuse and neglect.

Masada Homes FFA is licensed by the State of California as a Foster Family Agency and contracts with the counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange for the placement of children.

Masada Homes believes Foster Care is much more than just providing for the basic needs of children. Foster Parenting includes love, care, nurturing and commitment. Masada emphasizes partnerships with families through a philosophy of co-parenting to enrich the lives of the children in need.

How to become a Foster/Adoptive Parent

• Ability to love, care and nurture children
• Patience and Energy
• Financial Stability
• Single or Couples
• 21 years or older
• Room in your home
• Transportation

Certification Process
• Orientation and Pre-Certification Training (English or Spanish)
• Interviews
• Criminal Background/Child Abuse Clearance
• Physical Environment Check
• CPR/First Aid Certification
• Paperwork-Application Packet
• Agency Approval

How long does the certification process take?
That will depend on you and how quickly you can provide required paperwork and complete the process. Usually it takes at three (3) to five (5) months to complete the certification process.